Monday, March 5, 2012

Dad's 91 Birthday

It was a blessing to be able to celebrate our Dad's 91 Birthday.  He is in fairly good health and he enjoyed "His" day, especially having all the family around. We had a light meal then cake and ice cream. I forgot my diet for this event! We had those blow party things which all the kids both small and big enjoyed.

Dad and Mom started Adams Fruit Market back in 1964. Our family had growned to six children by this time and Mother wanted a "small" produce market instead of dragging all six of us to Wilmington, DE each week to sell fresh produce. Dad built our market and back in 1964, there was not a lot of traffic so that is why the building is so close to the road today.
Out of six children, three of us run the market, me and my two brothers.

Dad still comes down to the market and enjoys talking to all of you.
Happy Birthday Dad and many more!!!

The Plant Lady~Linda