Thursday, January 24, 2013

Delaware Plant Expo

I attended the Delaware Horticulture Industry Expo this week. The speakers were excellent! 

Michael Bowell told us to think of our garden as a flower show niche incorporating height, depth and width into the design. He said to place the containers where we want them and if they look good empty then filled them with our favorite flower. This makes a lot of sense because they get heavy when filled. He showed us a picture of a large animal water pan filled with flowers and rocks. I want to copy this using seashells. 

Roy Diblik from Northwind Perennial Farm spoke two times. He encouraged us to use old plants in new ways. His slide presentation was excellent! He reminded us to use plants for weed suppression instead of mulch. 

During the breaks I chatted with the exhibitors and collected all the “free” stuff.  This expo gets me excited for spring and of course the lunch is great too.

My seeds arrived in the mail today. Like a kid I had to open the box right away. What kind of seeds do you plant? 

The Plant Lady ~ Linda

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Baked Goose, Seeds and Social Media

Hello Friends. I cooked a goose last night for dinner. I just added onion soup mix and cooked it slow. As you can see it turned out beautiful!

My husband made “goose salad” with the leftovers. He is the hunter in the family so I have learned how to cook wild game.

I use this cutter to cut the cabbage for cold slaw. It belonged to my grandmother. It does a good job so I don’t need to buy a newer one. Anyone else have one?

Today I sent in another seed order. I am almost done and soon it will be back in the greenhouses for me. I don’t really mind. I love working with plants. It is exciting in the beginning of the season, planning what to plant and how much. Last fall I brought some really cute planters and I can’t wait to fill them. 

Wednesday I attended a Social Media workshop. When I walked in the room, they asked if I was a speaker. Ha,ha maybe some day. I was able to learn some new things so it was worth the time plus the lunch was great.

Hope your day is good. 
The Plant Lady ~ Linda